A Day in the Life of a Cowboy


Dear Diary,
Life as a cowboy is rough. Today begins the long drive to market. We left the ranch after
filling the horses with supplies and headed to the herd to meet with the cowboys from the
other ranches. We began by branding all of the newborn cattle who had stayed with there
mothers. When a mother gives birth, the calve is the property of the mothers owner.
However if the calve becomes detached from the mother, its called a maverick and we
will collect all the mavericks and divide them evenly among the ranches. Using barbed
wire, we set up two pens for the cattle. We separated the one year old cattle that were
being sent to market from the rest of the herd. Then we began traveling north with them.
The other cowboys stayed back to guard the cattle, while we hit the trail. After several
week we reached the rail road station, and the cattle were shipped to butchers in Chicago
and New York. We headed back to the ranch, and guarded the cattle until next years
drive to market.