Aegean art

the art and the civilization that produced it flourished in the islands and mainland of the Aegean sea before the development of Greek civilization.

3 types:

  1. Minoan 3000-15000 BC on Crete
  2. from small islands north of Crete called Cycladic art 3000-1200 BC.
  3. from the mainland called Mycenaean 1600-1300 BC.

Each is divided into an early, late and middle period. Most remains and achievements are from the middle and late periods.

They used fresco buon, painting on wet plaster

most famous paintings are ship fresco and toreador fresco

their works show movement.

Snakes were associated with fertility and agriculture.

The main palace was at knossos, believed to be the palace of Minos and the Minotaur

they used lots of geometric shapes, EX- female Cycladic idol

they buried the dead in tholos, beehive tombs