The Gothic Era

12th - 15th century began in France

style characterized by highness to grace achieved by using verticals, pointed arches, spires, vast windows, ribbed vaults, ornate lacy decorations and stained glass

gothic cathedrals allowed for the use of stained glass, but they limited the opportunities for painting. Fully rounded sculptures were reintroduced for the first time since rome

3 phases:

  1. early gothic mid 12th to 13th century
  2. high gothic 13th to 14th century
  3. late gothic 15th century

ex- bayeux tapestry 1073-1085 woolen linen over 250 feet long, 20 inches high

William the conqueror invaded England in 1066 the artist is unknown

626 human figures, 731 animals, 376 boats, 70 buildings and trees

cathedral of bayeux bishop odo subject matter- secular and historical

2 borders, top is animals, bottom is soldiers.

Gothic Romanesque

emphasis vertical horizontal

elevation soaring Modest height

layout unified, unbroken space multiple units

main trait pointed arches rounded arches

supports exterior buttresses piers and walls

engineering ribbed groin vaults barrel and groin vaults

ambiance airy and bright dark and solemn

exterior richly decorated in sculpture simple and sever (plain)